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Order by Email Channel your creative energy with these copper wands with fitted quartz crystal and fine colorful suede covering. Hand hammered silver circlet with glass and semi precious decorative beads on a silver strand add beauty to these lovely wands. Treat yourself or a friend to a gift of unusual beauty and power.

Single ended crystal with capped base energy wands and double ended crystal healing wands. Standard 12 inch wand. Special orders and staffs available.

Enhance the Feng shui in your home with these energetic wands.

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Atlantean Crystal Energy Wands

Atlantean Crystal Energy Wands are made with a quartz crystal hand fitted on one end of a copper tube with a copper cap on the other end. The copper helps focus your aura energy through the quartz crystal. Try directing the wand toward houseplants to help them grow. Hold the wand with one or both hands in front of you while slowly moving the point in a clockwise circular arc. Double ended crystal wands are useful for channeling healing energy. Try pointing the wand to a place on your hand to feel the warmth of the energy you project. Practice focusing your thoughts and energy in a peaceful meditative way. Use the wand to send a joyful vibration into the world as a message for peace. Atlantean Crystal Energy Wands work only with positive intention. They are hand-crafted by with personal care and wrapped with fine, colorful suede. The added touch of a hand hammered silver spiral circlet with semiprecious stones and glass & crystal beads is my own decorative design to create a beautiful gift for your enjoyment and use. Display by hanging your wand in a room or by a doorway to improve the feng shui in your home.
Enjoy! Blessings! Shine Forth! Su, Earth Goddess of Energy