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•Collision Theory's The Hungry Girls: A Fairy Tale based on the story by Patricia Eakins
Production Photos by Su Polo
Synchronicity Space, New York, 1997
Su Polo specializes in available-light photography and has taken many pictures of performers, including Sloan Wainwright, Susan McKeown, and Carol Elliott.

Su is also a writer, graphic artist, and singer-songwriter. She has recently published her first book, Turning Stones, a collection of poems and stories, and her work appears in the August 1998 issue of Caprice Magazine and also in the poet to poet magazine, Medicinal Purposes. She is a host of the Saturn Series poetry reading in NYC and is the editor-publisher of its periodical, Saturn. She is also the host of the Artists' Lounge, an open mic for singer songwriters and musicians.

Su is putting together a one-woman show that will incorporate her poems, songs, and stories, which she has been performing at clubs in the New York City area. Contact Su Polo by e-mail at or visit her website at for photography of live music and theatrical perfomances.

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